Economical & Fast

The beam & block joists are precast to fit the specifications of your project. There is no cutting needed. And no leftover material. Making it cheaper and more time-efficient.

Safe & Silent

Concrete as a material is more fireproof and lasts longer than wood and timber. Resistant to moisture, rodents, and termites its a perfect choice of material in a humid climate.

Helps to Reduce Project Footprint

Concrete beam and block systems help to reduce the carbon footprint of the building. Once installed this type of system also provides effective thermal insulation.

Little Site Preparation Required

In comparison to other types of oversite, little preparation is required when it comes to beam and block flooring. As this system creates a suspended floor, the excavation required is minimal.

Inovative way in constructing floors

We came across beam an block flooring in 2003 while working on a housing project in the UK. Back then, beam and block was a new technology. When our project developer suggested the beam and block floor, we were skeptical. Usually, all innovations are more costly we have taught. We got a quote from a beam and block company. We were quite surprised. We have saved more than double the money, and the construction took two days instead of five to fit the floor. Inspired by our experience, we decided to bring this technology to Thailand and make flooring easy accessible, and fast.

guide Beam & block

In this great video by Georgina Bisby, you can learn about all the benefits and steps of constructing a block and beam flooring. She answeres these questions: Why would you go with a beam and block floor? What are the overall benefits? How to install them?

Also, we will provide you with a step by step guide in installing the beam and block flooring. Or we can offer our fitting service at a discounted price. 


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How to order?


Send us project specifications for the floor


We send you the quote and time estimate along with our "Housing Easy Guide".


We deliver the blocks and beams ready to fit with a guided step by step manual


The fitting can start. Easy, efficient with no cutting or extra work needed.